How to Write an Energy Policy

How to Write an Energy Policy

Your Energy Policy

A documented and published energy policy will show to your stakeholders that energy management is an organisational core value. It will allow you to commit the business to an energy efficiency strategy which will lead to increased profitability and a reduced environmental impact.

How Do I Start?

You have other policies in place, HR, finance, purchasing, IT, fleet, security but what about energy?

An effective energy policy can be as little as a few sentences, or as much as a number of paragraphs, but, it should be documented and publicised.

What Should It Include?

The energy policy should establish top management commitment to energy performance improvement and state the company’s energy priorities. Key though, is that the policy is documented and all staff, suppliers and customers are able to understand:

  • who has accountability
  • what the organisational overall energy targets are
  • how progress will be monitored and reviewed.
  • human resources and training commitments
  • how energy management will be integrated into wider business processes
  • economic investment criteria
  • integrating energy efficiency into existing capital investments
  • reporting procedures
  • links to other energy/carbon reduction programmes

Click here to download your energy policy template.

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